At MindFox Productions, we believe that video is the most powerful and versatile tool that we can deliver to our clients.  Video can be used in many instances, including but not limited to advertising a product, showcasing your business or training employees and can be delivered in through any medium.

Bhutan – The Bill Madonna Experience

Let your spirit guide you through one of the world’s hidden gems, the country of Bhutan. Experience complete tranquility and relaxation at the Aman Hotels and Resorts in Bhutan and discover your deeper self.


New Media is where it is at!  At MindFox, we are constantly staying ahead of the curve by entering new markets and exploring new territory when it comes to advancing our brand and our client’s brand.  Through websites, mobile device application development and promotion through social media, we use our tools to put the best content where it can be consumed easily by those who enjoy our content most.
Test Drive: Tesla Roadster 2.5

WHERE IS THE COOL? Digital Magazine

For more about our experience with the TESLA Roadster – read our FREE digital magazine on Airows.com or on the official WITC iPad/iPhone application

The Spot - The Federal Bar


A featured video from WHERE IS THE COOL? Digital Magazine Issue 004 showcasing The Federal Bar in Los Angeles, CA.

Featured in the WITC Digital Magazine at Airows.com

Harvard & Stone - Cool Cocktails


For more about Harvard & Stone – read our FREE digital magazine on Airows.com or on the official WITC iPad/iPhone application

The Significant Other - Tessa May

WHERE IS THE COOL? Digital Magazine

A special piece starring WHERE IS THE COOL?’s Significant Other for Issue 004, Tessa May.

Riviera Club - Lifestyle Clothing


For more about Riviera Club, check out the July 2011 issue at Airows.com or on the official WITC iPad/iPhone application

The Significant Other: Lorene Renard


A special promotional video with WE ARE HANDSOME – read our FREE digital magazine on Airows.com or on the official WITC iPad/iPhone application


MindFox Productions produced these videos for the digital magazine WHERE IS THE COOL? which contained dynamic graphics and a full length video that laid out the subject of that issue. Readers could get more information in the magazine on the topic and go to the website all from the comfort of their smartphone or tablet on both iOS and Android. More information on the digital magazine can be found at Airows.com



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We are Airows, a publishing and multimedia company hyper-focused on showcasing a carefully curated, uniquely luxurious lifestyle.

Epic Donkey Punch

MindFox Productions, entered the world of short commercials with this project for Sprint Wireless, showing the discussion between a rancher and his donkey.

Project was shot in four hours and post production in three hours.

Tesoro Winery

MindFox Productions, specializes in long form product or company promotional videos. In today’s marketing / branding world websites demand videos that show who and what, companies, products and brands stand for in a very dynamic fashion. MindFox produced this promotional video for Tesoro Winery in Temecula, California highlighting what makes their brand, company and wine most unique for their customers.

Titus PortaSort

The PortaSort is capable of sorting a wide variety of materials in an automated workflow on par with other MRF centers, and is one of the first in the world to successfully sort plastics, wood, paper, trash, glass, and other materials into recyclable groupings.  Developed by Titus Maintenance and Installation Services and Pellenc Selective Technologies, America.   www.titusservices.net

The Revolutionary Titus PortaSort Machine, developed by Titus Maintenance and Installation Services and Pellenc Selective Technologies, America.

In Atlanta, Georgia, Aurora Day School is a small school achieving big results…

Seeking a way to go beyond a commercial or standard “who we are” video, Aurora Day School reached out to MindFox Productions for a solution. Shot on location in Atlanta, Georgia this school helps special needs children and parents, facing Autism. This production highlights the needs for places such as Aurora Day School all over the country and shared in a compelling way that brings the audience to take action.

Every year, the Los Angeles Fire Department heats up downtown LA….

Charity business is highly competitive and message driven, so what makes a production from MindFox different ? The message. Ensuring that your charities message is presented, in a manner that fits, drives and ensures the supporters are seeking their dollars at work and making a difference. Hope for Firefighters is a Los Angeles based charity specifically focused on supporting the families of Firefighters that have given their lives to defend the people of Los Angeles from demolishing fires. Every year held in downtown Los Angeles, Hope for Firefighters closes down the streets and brings food, games, races and celebrities together and raises the bar for those families that protect, the families of Los Angeles.